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Now I don’t know about you but I just love trying new styles of workouts out. That’s the joy of running The Nutritionista that I get to try out amazing new exercise classes and personal trainers……hard life right? Well someone has to review these places and let you guys know what fantastic workouts are out there! So talking of fantastic workouts say hello to The Viking Method. This particular workout and the amazing founder Svava are helping hands in creating Nicole Scherzingers fantastic body. Have you seen Nicole? She is RIDICULOUS, **girl crush alert**. So when I heard that Svava and her tough Viking methods were behind Nicoles bootay I made sure that I tried this workout for myself.

So above is a photo of me after my Viking Method workout, a few things about this picture. That is not Nicole I know I know its hard to tell the difference (wishes/prays). Unfortunately that is not the Schirzey that is just me, a very sweaty red faced me at that. I don’t think the photo actually shows exactly how much I was sweating but trust me it was dripping off. Not nice or pretty, but shows just how damn hard Svava worked me.

So I arrived for my workout with Svava, blissfully unaware that we were going to be training outside (it was a particularly cold rainy day). Thankfully it was taking place in the private gardens opposite the Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel in Knightsbridge. Could be worse places to train outdoors. Svava explained to me she particularly enjoyed training outdoors and how good it was for you. At first I was doubtful, but by the end I was converted and one extremely thankful person of the cold breeze and fresh air.

The workout itself was demanding, high intensity and forced me to push myself to the absolute limit. There was no holding back, or half hearted attempts at moves, no this is full on putting 100% in all or nothing kind of workout. The type that makes it difficult to breathe leaves you shaking and utterly worn out but feeling on top of the world, as you know you have just pushed yourself to the absolute max. That my friends is why The Viking Method is such a success. I mean the proof is in the pudding Svava is one hot instructor, if that doesn’t motivate you then I mean I don’t know what is. She is so toned and strong, exactly what I want my body to look like. If there was a poster girl for the strong not skinny campaign then Svava is your woman. I am girl crushing all over the place in this post haha!

So for the exercises themselves, we did boxing and kickboxing which I had never tried before and absolutely loved! There is something very satisfying about punching and kicking as much as you can, and I ached in places I had never ached before the following day. I truly believe that was the boxing, and from what I have seen boxing and kickboxing is a firm favourite with many of the Victoria Secret angels for a full body workout…..need I say more? There was also a fair amount of crawling, this wasn’t just any crawling this was as low to the ground you could get without touching the floor crawling, in slidey muddy conditions. I felt like spiderman, a spiderman whose whole body was being worked HARD. We then did a variety of full body moves like burpees, running as fast as you can with Svava holding onto my waist, so basically having to pull her along which is a great exercise if you have a gym buddy!

The Viking Method mixed functional training with HIT training , intervals you name it. The workout was fast paced and gruelling and I could totally see why it gets such great results I had never done a workout like it.

So I fell head over heels for the Viking way of training, so much so that Svava has actually put me together a workout plan for me to release my inner Viking when I am working out at my gym. I will let you know how it goes, I can tell you one thing for sure my body won’t know what’s hit it! I have also interviewed the amazing Svava so look out for the interview coming soon on The Nutritionista x

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