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You guys probably saw my write up of the amazing Viking Method workout I did this week where I raved about how amazing the workout was (read it here) So following my workout I decided I needed to learn more about the brains behind The Viking Method. Meet Svava the founder, we chat about all things health and fitness from how The Viking Method came about, her exercise regime, favourite eating spots and even some advice for young career women on how to stay fit and healthy. I hope you enjoy reading what this amazing lady has to say x

1. Can you briefly describe what The Viking Method is?

Viking Method  consists of unique functional exercises, worked through within specific time frames. Incorporating a series of switches between functional cardio and resistance exercises, the method forces the body to work to the maximum, achieving your optimum hormonal state; increasing growth hormone , decreasing insulin and cortisol, resulting in mad fat burning. Your metabolism smashes through the roof!

2. Can you describe how The Viking Method came about and where the idea came from?

I have been exercising all my life. Despite all the genres that I did; general weight training, aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, ballet, crossfit, football, I never found that one ultimate type of training that would give me everything I wanted.  There fore I took my life long experience and vast education and combined it with the way training is done in my home country Iceland. Which is all out. High energy, high intensity. Mind over matter.

3. What makes The Viking Method different from other workouts out there?

The Viking Method is different in so many ways. The exercises are different. The way they are done. What I focus on, like hormones and mental aspects.  And it is fun. It is very tough but you will look forward to it. It feels like you are outside just playing with a friend like a child and then BOOM! You have completely smashed a workout and gone further and become more than you ever thought you could. Also what makes it different is that my main objective with my clients is not getting into that dress or down to that weight. That will happen anyway with my method. It is a by-product to me. My main objective is for my clients to experience their power and agility, grace and strength. To become so confident and content with themselves. Happy. To have them feel and know just how magnificent they truly are.

4. How did your love of health and fitness first come about?

I have always loved health and fitness. As soon as I was old enough to do sports, I did. I love playing. Competing. Feeling the power of my body and mind. Once you feel that way, there is no going back.

5. Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I am from Iceland. I moved to London 10 years ago to study, I first did a BA degree in dance then studied to become a  yoga teacher, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.  I live with my amazing teenage daughter and I truly am very grateful to where I am  in life. Whatever you want to become, do follow your dreams. It is hard work and you will have to put in more hours than the next to end on top but if you do not give up, you will get there. And it will be worth it all and more.  Never stop just because you got a no. Do not give in. Do not let that be in your nature.

6. What’s a typical day in the life of Svava?

Typical day is that I wake up early, around 5.30, have my clients til around 2.30, go home, do some work on the computer, go back to work for few hours, come back home, spend time with my daughter until she goes to bed and then I plan the next days programs and do admin things. I have never needed much sleep, I operate best on  5-6 hours so will go to bed a bit after midnight.

7. Can you describe the kind of food you eat in a day?

I eat eggs and nuts for breakfast, then my lunch box will have chicken and some veggies, when I go home in the middle of the day I always have a smoothie; vegetables with flaxseeds, spirulina powder, moringa leafs and chia seeds. For dinner I have chicken or tuna or salmon or turkey with veggies. I like just simple things. If it gets too complicated, I then cant be bothered on long days.

8.What’s your favourite meal and do you have any healthy cooking tips?

Do love the healthy fats. Always use coconut oil when cooking. Nuts and seeds are a great snack option.  The healthy fats are so good and they will not make you fat.  I have few; I love chicken, goats cheese feta , avocado and broccoli. That is my favourite dinner. But I also love my cheat meal pizza. And I really go for it, four cheese pizza with cheesy garlic bread. Yummy.

9. Do you have any favourite eating here spots in London?

Because of how hectic work is , I want to be home with my daughter when I am off. Therefore, when we go out , we go out in our area which is Belsize Park. I really like the tuna salad at pizza express which I add avocado to, also there is a café here called chamomile that does the most perfect poached eggs in the whole world. Promise.

10. Can you describe your exercise regime?

I do a lot with me clients as my program is often interactive. With that I train 4 times a week  where I do my method.

11. What’s the best thing about your job?

When a client can do something he/she could do before. The feeling it gives them. When they see results. Become more confident.  That is the reason a do my job. Such huge food for the soul when you see people reaching their goals and witnessing and being a part of brining that amazing positive effect out in them.

12. Do you have any advice for young career women trying to keep fit and healthy?

Don’t always feel you have to do everything. It is impossible. Do not start your health regime by going to the gym in the first week every day for 2 hours a day and doing a 180 flip on your diet. Because then you will do it for few weeks and then stop. And feel like crap that you stopped, which does not do you any good.  You want this to be for long term. Therefore do what you realistically can do every week. Consistency is really the key. That´s why there is the saying for it.  Quality is also more important then quantity. Know what you are doing in the gym. Go hard. Sweat buckets. Be dead when you finish.   And a crucial part, do try to find both training program and a diet program that you actually like.  Have fun in life. We grown ups so often forget that, so at least in the gym, try to grow down a bit and play.