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Let me introduce you to my latest trainer addition, Nike Zooms! I am a little obsessed with them. In fact I am actually obsessed with trainers in general so its always amazing when I get to expand my collection. Especially when they look as good as these beauties.

So let me tell you how me and my new Nikes got introduced. Last week I went along to the Nike Zoom Fit Agility Launch event which consisted of a selection of bloggers and writers testing out our new Nike Zooms by taking part in a hardcore fitness class held by the wonderful Anya Lahiri. I interviewed Anya just the other week so to find a bit more about here check out the interview here. So this workout was insane, I am not joking when I say one of the hardest I have pushed myself in a long time, Anya is a machine!! I loved it though, I mean I was a hot, red sweaty mess by the time it had finished but so was everyone else and it was a great experience working out with such a fantastic group of girls!

So the real reason we were put through our paces was to try out the new Nike Zooms and see what we thought of them. So here we go. Firstly here is an overview of the trainer itself and why Nike say it will revolutionise your training. Heres what Nike say- The Nike Zoom Fit Agility Women’s Training Shoe has ultra-responsive cushioning for flexible impact protection designed specifically for gym workouts. The hexagonal Nike Zoom pods help to cushion your foot where you need it most, and the lightweight upper offers stability and extra support.

So I am sure you have noticed these pods, they are what I think make the trainer so striking! The Nike Zoom pods are designed to cushion your foot where it impacts the ground. I was talking to one of the lovely Nike ladies who informed me of an interesting fact, so the pods aren’t hexagonals for any old reason or because they just looked pretty. Nope the reason behind the hexagonal pods is that hexagons are actually natures strongest natural shape! I know, who knew! Well Nike obviously but you know. I was pretty impressed and busted that fact out to anyone who would listen…..feel free to do the same 🙂

Anyway after that summary of the trainers themselves, I can tell you now that they are great to work out in. I found that when I was performing many of the moves for example the mountain climbers (which were a killer) they gripped really well. Also any moves which included any jumps they were ideal, they have great spring and bounce thanks to the magical little pods. So all in all a great workout with a great pair of new trainers, the technology behind these little beauties means that moves like burpees, mountain runners, lunges, squat jumps  etc (basically all the moves which are disgustingly hard but have GREAT results) will be revolutionised. Yay for burpees……said no one ever lets be real. But these trainers with their pods will help make them that bit better!! You can buy them here x