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So I have decided that it is about time I added ‘Product of The Week’ element to The Nutritionista, there are so many amazing health products out there many of which I love a lot. So therefore I have decided that every week/every two weeks I am going to try and put up a product of the week review which will showcase a few brands I really like. I would never feature something on The Nutritionista which I didn’t think was a great product, so you can believe me when I say these are truly are my products of the week, this is the same with book reviews. I post reviews of cookbooks I love, simples 🙂

So getting the ball rolling with this weeks product of the week and that is the Moringa superfood powder from Aduna, I have got both the Baobab and the Moringa powder and both of which are great additions to my cupboard but this post is going to really focus on the Moringa powder. Now if any of you guys follow me on Instagram and Twitter you will see my serious love for a green juice or smoothie. You can check out one of my favourite green smoothie bowls here. When I received the Moringa powder I knew straight away this was going to be going to be put into a green smoothie concoction. So firstly let me tell you a bit about Moringa and why its so damn good for you.

Adunas Moringa powder is a superleaf powder  which is a 100% organic raw superfood produced from the naturally dried leaf of the moringa tree. A few key benefits are that it’s high in plant protein which is ideal for vegetarians and vegans alike as a great source of protein. It is also rich in iron and is packed full essential vitamins and minerals. All in all a pretty nifty little superfood powder right there.

Now I know that the idea of drinking something green can be a bit daunting sometimes for those who aren’t avid green juice drinkers. And let’s face it sometimes green juices/powders can be a bit overbearing in taste (pondwater anyone?). However you will be relieved to know that Moringa doesn’t have that overpowering ‘green’ taste which is oh so common with green powders. Instead it has a fairly pleasant spinachy taste to it, which when mixed into a smoothie tastes really nice! Yay celebrations all round for a green powder which is packed full of nutrients and protein which isn’t so green you have to pinch your nose to drink it. Moringa, me and you are going to be friends.

Now I know I said I would make a green smoothie concoction with the Moringa powder and thats exactly what I did, I made a ridiculously delicious green smoothie bowl, and not just any green smoothie bowl may I add, a ‘mint chocolate’ one. How festive right? Shows that green smoothies can be seasonal. For the full recipe and pictures click here.

Check out Aduna’s WebsiteTwitter and Instagram for more info on their great products!