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Let me introduce you too Hollie Grant the founder of Pilates PT. Hollie is a STOTT trained pilates instructor, Sweaty Betty ambassador and the brains behind The Model Method. So what exactly is The Model Method? It’s an exercise routine which combines the weight loss effect of HIIT training, metabolism boosting effect of using weights and the stretching and lengthening effect of reformer Pilates. With such a great combination of exercise and results that speak for themselves The Model Method is fast becoming the workout to try.

So let me tell you now, The Model Method is HARD and Hollie pushes you to your absolute limit. The result, one hardcore super intense workout that leaves your body aching (trust me I struggled to walk the following day). But oh my what a workout, I felt longer, leaner and stronger after just one session. I love the combination of the reformer Pilates, weights and the high intensity workouts. I mean at the time when I was half way through my set of box burpees and feeling as though my body had given up and I had no physical energy left, not so much love. But these high intense sessions are complimented with reformer Pilates which lengthens and stretches out your muscles. Then before you know it you are back doing high intensity whether it is on the TRX or box jumps, plyometric exercises you name it, its hard and you will be sweating.

I love everything about this workout and the combination HIIT training, weights and reformer Pilates is just genius. The combination of these elements tones, lengthens and strengthens your whole body which is what everyone wants, a long lean toned physique. If that sounds appealing then pop in and see Hollie as she is lady for you.

Just to give you an idea of how hard you can push yourself with The Model Method, here are a few stats from my workout, which will probably explain why I was aching so much. Hollie got me wearing a nifty heart rate monitor and stats band which measured my heart rate and calories burnt during our session and here they are; 1hr10 minute session, 656 calories Average heart rate – 79% Max heart rate – 100%

Impressive right? Maximum heart rate 100%, go me!! Well and Hollie she should take the credit really for making me carry on with the burpees when I was ready to give up entirely. After thinking about this great workout and the equally great Hollie I have come to the conclusion that the other element which sets The Model Method apart is Hollie herself. She is the most lovely caring person, and I immediately felt completely comfortable in her presence, like I had know her for years. Whilst working out Hollie supports, guides and pushes you just enough. I think this is so important as you can have the best workout in the world but if the trainer isn’t kind, supportive and puts you at ease then your not going to get the best out of your workout are you? Hollie strikes that perfect balance of a really hardcore, intense workout which pushes you 100%. But all the while supporting and guiding you. And that is what I think makes this workout experience so special. I have included a few action shots from my session with Hollie for you guys to get a little taster into some of The Model Method exercises.
Thanks Hollie for introducing me to your fantastic workout! My aching muscles will thank you too soon enough 🙂 x

Check out Hollies Website for more details on The Model Method along with her Twitter and Facebook