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Sadie Macleod is the founder of Hip & Healthy the UK online store for stylish activewear, and one of The Nutritionistas favourite online destinations for all things healthy. Hip & Healthy not only sells amazing activewear it is also a digital wellbeing website which covers a variety of areas including fitness, fashion, travel and recipes. So the brains behind this fantastic brand is Sadie Macleod who is such an inspiration to me and The Nutritionista I love her determination, drive and the success she has had with her wonderful brand. Which is why I was so keen to pick Sadies brains about all things health, fitness and Hip & Healthy related. I hope you enjoy what Sadie has to say as much as I did x

1.Can you describe how Hip & Healthy first came about and where the idea came from?

About 4 years ago, I was lucky enough to be granted a sabbatical from my full time job at a travel magazine to go Hong Kong with my husband. Whilst there, I had the time to think I about what I really wanted to do and having always been into health and fitness (I was a green juice fiend long before they became popular) it seemed like a natural step to re-pitch myself as a health and fitness writer. It was then, whilst researching magazines I could write for, that I realised there weren’t any digital wellbeing publications, so I taught myself how to build a website and embarked on the first version of Hip & Healthy! It wasn’t until a year later though that we launched the activewear store.

2. Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I started my career at Conde Nast Traveller Magazine, where I learnt so much about how magazines were run. I also had once started a very small publication about health in my local town, which was pretty amateur but taught me a lot about how to run a business.

3. Where did your love of health and fitness come from?

My mum has always been into health and I’ve been eating organic food since I can remember, so I’m sure she’s partly to blame. My sister is also really into healthy food, and has her own vegan blog, so I guess it must run in the family! When i was a school though i wasn’t at all into sports (which is crazy as i would love to do them now) and it wasn’t until university that I discovered running which then changed my whole perspective on fitness and now i can’t get enough of it! Im still not great at team sports though!

4. Can you describe Hip & Healthy in a nutshell?

Hip & Healthy is an online health and wellbeing magazine and stylish activewear store. We strive to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves.

5. Have you got any exciting future plans for Hip & Healthy?

We are currently doing a range of inspirational printed vests and t-shirts and we are always signing up new brands to the store that we think our readers will love. Plus, we’ll be doing a bit of a redesign on the website next year to make it much more user and mobile friendly.

6. How do you think the attitudes towards health and fitness have changed in the UK over the last few years?

I definitely think health and fitness has become much cooler in the past few years. When I first started eating healthily and running it was always so much of a struggle to convince my friends that doing stuff that was good for you is a good idea they much preferred the thought of  big nights out and sleeping till noon. But that really has all changed now, grabbing a green juice in a local vegan cafe is way more exciting than going for a coffee in Starbucks these days and much easier to do than ever before because the other big change that we have seen is the dramatic increase in the availability to be healthy with the arrival of superstore Wholefoods, high street lunch places bringing in green and red juices and there are even  more yoga studios, gyms and run clubs than ever before. Its fantastic.

7. What’s a typical day in the life of Sadie Macleod?

Now i have a newborn son my day has changed quite a bit! I like to get a bit of a workout in first thing – a quick jog always starts my day off well.  Then its back home for some brekkie and a green juice before sitting down to a few emails. Ill then head into the office for a half day and get home to my babe just after lunch where i then try and master the art of multi-tasking! When my husband comes home in the evening I will quite often do a bit more work before settling down to a good movie with him or a bath – bliss! It goes without saying though that not every day is like this at all and sometimes its hard to find the time to shower let alone go on a jog or grab a green juice!

8. Congratulations on becoming a mother! How has it been juggling motherhood and work?

I am still relatively new to being a mum so am yet to practice my juggling skills. It is hard work trying to fit it all in but somehow it happens. It helps that I have a amazing girls in the office working their hardest right now for which I am so grateful for!

9. What do you typically eat in a day?

I like to start every day with a hot water followed by a green juice. Then ill have porridge with berries for breakfast. Lunch will include avocado, quinoa and salad most of the time and supper is often fish and lots of delicious veggies or gluten-free pasta with vegan pesto – something easy yet healthy as i don’t get much time to cook these days. And i snack a lot – on healthy nut bars, energy balls, kale chips, chia seed pods and fruit and veg!

10. Do you have any favourite healthy recipes?

Anything cooked by my sister, Saskia!

11. Do you have any favourite eating spots in London?

I love Wild Food Cafe, Detox Kitchen and Retreat Cafe in Soho and Le Pain Quotidian is baby-friendly and organic so brilliant!

12. Do you have a particular exercise routine?

I love to run in the mornings and do yoga in the evenings.

13. What motivates you in the morning?

My job – I love it!

14. Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs?

Stick at it! We all want things to happen quickly but great things take time. Don’t let a little hard work and patience get in the way of your dream!

15. Do you have any advice for young working women trying to lead a healthy lifestyle?

I think preparation and planning is so important when you are busy and wanting to live healthily. Small things like laying out your running clothes before you go to sleep, or preparing your breakfast ingredients the night before really go along way. Also, schedule your fitness classes – put them in your calendar that way you are less likely to cancel on them or double book yourself. See it as important time for yourself.

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