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Ohh the joys of breakfast, I just can’t explain my love for it, its rather all consuming I mean I even go to bed looking forward to eating breakfast the next morning. Is that normal? Anyway when I express my love for breakfast I am also including brunch in this, obvs.

So what better place to tell you about when I am declaring my love for breakfast and brunch than The Ham Yard hotel, which I recently found does an exquisite brunch. Now I am a slight creature of habit (I blame my Dad for this) but when I find somewhere I like to eat I tend to go back there again and again. Which is what I have been doing with breakfast as of late. If ever I have a breakfast meeting or a friend suggests breakfast my first reaction is always the Soho Hotel, which is a firm favourite (read my review here). So I decided in the last couple of weeks to venture out more and try new places, if you follow my instagram you will of seen all these new breakfast adventures. I mean I still order the same thing most breakfasts but you know baby steps and all that, and plus whats not to love about smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and avocado. Its perfection on a plate!

So on one very adventurous Sunday I decided to take a trip to The Ham Yard hotel, which is owned by the same family as the Soho Hotel which is the Firmdale hotel group. Its based right by Piccadilly Circus so pretty easy to get too! The decoration in this hotel was amazing, I loved it. I am a sucker for good decor, so I was pleased from word go.

So I decided to go crazy and order eggs benedict, I know no salmon!! But it was a great choice, I am not normally a big fan of hollandaise sauce but the sauce was very light but creamy so got a thumbs up from me. Also the ham was so thickly cut I was in ham heaven…..ham heaven at the Ham Yard….oh aren’t I funny, mega lolz and all that. So yes we established the ham was great, and the muffins were excellent too definitely freshly baked which I appreciated immensely. I ordered a pineapple, orange ginger juice to start which was nice, not my normal green but you know breaking all the rules. I did stick with an almond milk cappuccino to go with my brunch which was very tasty, I love almond milk in my coffee and it makes me so happy that more and more places are offering it on the menu!

So if your ever around central London on the weekend and fancy breakfast or brunch in a beautiful hotel, The Ham Yard is the one. Or the Soho Hotel, either or I can’t decide which I prefer they both do delicious food. And thats what really matters right? x


This weekend just been I had a great weekend, and do you want to know why it was so great? Well that would be because I started my Saturday morning at The Wolseley hotel in Mayfair having the most delightful brunch. See I told you it was great!

Now The Wolseley has been on my ‘list’ of places to visit for a while now. Yes I actually have a list, I like to make lists, lots of them….don’t judge me please haha. I also like breakfast and going for brunch A LOT. I mean my breakfast obsession is getting a bit ridiculous now. But anyway moving on from my unhealthy obsession with breakfast food and back to The Wolseley.

Now the hotel itself is impressive, great location, great interiors, and even a high percentage of good looking waiters (always a plus). However all this aside the food was delightful, I had heard from a variety of sources that the scrambled eggs and salmon was amazing and I just ‘had to’ try it. So naturally I did, I ordered scrambled eggs, smoked salmon with a side of avocado and a almond milk cappuccino. Then because me and my fellow bruncher were feeling mighty peckish we decided to share some granola with banana too. As it was the weekend, we were at The Wolseley and I had had a very exciting week with The Nutritionista we thought that we might as well pull out all the stops and have a big celebratory breakfast.

The rumours regarding the scrambled eggs and smoked salmon were true!! The tastiest salmon ever and the eggs, oh the eggs they were divine so yellow and fluffy I could eat those scrambled eggs every day. The coffee and the granola were amazing too but the scrambled eggs and salmon stole the limelight for sure.

I would happily eat breakfast at The Wolseley everyday if I could, sadly this is not possible but I will be back again! The lady next to me had the most delicious/naughty looking pancakes I have ever seen and I feel my life is not complete until I try them.

So The Wolseley it was a wonderful experience, from a self confessed breakfast addict thanks for making my Saturday morning so delightful.

Love The Nutritionista x