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Last week I introduced my new ‘Product of the Week’ element to The Nutritionista which goes in the review section of my blog. Last week I shared the love for Adunas Moringa powder and the recipe I created using their fantastic products. So its time for my next product of the week and this week its Finnberrys Lingonberry powder. Finnberry are a very young Finnish brand that are about to launch in the UK with their range of Superberrys. Now I am a fan of using superfood berry powders in my smoothies, I mean I just love acai bowls….who doesn’t right? So when Finberry approached me about their new range of products I was keen to try them and see what all the fuss was about. The Lingonberry especially has been getting some good press about its fat burning qualities so I thought I would give it a go in one of my recipes.

So here is an overview of what a Lingonberry is. Lingonberry is a tangy, wild super berry that has been said too help counter the effects of a high-fat diet – they have been said too reduce blood sugar levels and contain polyphenols for fat burning. They’re also packed with vitamins providing exceptional amounts of vitamins E and K, iron, copper, manganese and dietary fibre. Similar to cranberries they help to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, particularly in women. It is well known in the Nordic countries and recommended for patients with diabetes, blood pressure challenges and inflammatory concerns.

So now we know why it is meant to be good for us, so now what about what it tastes like? I mentioned earlier that it was tangy, and it was indeed the powder was a rich pinky red colour and added a sharp tang to my smoothie bowl which was a pleasant surprise. The powder was packed full of flavour and I loved the way it made my smoothie taste. Not too sweet with a real punch of flavour. See my recipe here.


So I have decided that it is about time I added ‘Product of The Week’ element to The Nutritionista, there are so many amazing health products out there many of which I love a lot. So therefore I have decided that every week/every two weeks I am going to try and put up a product of the week review which will showcase a few brands I really like. I would never feature something on The Nutritionista which I didn’t think was a great product, so you can believe me when I say these are truly are my products of the week, this is the same with book reviews. I post reviews of cookbooks I love, simples 🙂

So getting the ball rolling with this weeks product of the week and that is the Moringa superfood powder from Aduna, I have got both the Baobab and the Moringa powder and both of which are great additions to my cupboard but this post is going to really focus on the Moringa powder. Now if any of you guys follow me on Instagram and Twitter you will see my serious love for a green juice or smoothie. You can check out one of my favourite green smoothie bowls here. When I received the Moringa powder I knew straight away this was going to be going to be put into a green smoothie concoction. So firstly let me tell you a bit about Moringa and why its so damn good for you.

Adunas Moringa powder is a superleaf powder  which is a 100% organic raw superfood produced from the naturally dried leaf of the moringa tree. A few key benefits are that it’s high in plant protein which is ideal for vegetarians and vegans alike as a great source of protein. It is also rich in iron and is packed full essential vitamins and minerals. All in all a pretty nifty little superfood powder right there.

Now I know that the idea of drinking something green can be a bit daunting sometimes for those who aren’t avid green juice drinkers. And let’s face it sometimes green juices/powders can be a bit overbearing in taste (pondwater anyone?). However you will be relieved to know that Moringa doesn’t have that overpowering ‘green’ taste which is oh so common with green powders. Instead it has a fairly pleasant spinachy taste to it, which when mixed into a smoothie tastes really nice! Yay celebrations all round for a green powder which is packed full of nutrients and protein which isn’t so green you have to pinch your nose to drink it. Moringa, me and you are going to be friends.

Now I know I said I would make a green smoothie concoction with the Moringa powder and thats exactly what I did, I made a ridiculously delicious green smoothie bowl, and not just any green smoothie bowl may I add, a ‘mint chocolate’ one. How festive right? Shows that green smoothies can be seasonal. For the full recipe and pictures click here.

Check out Aduna’s WebsiteTwitter and Instagram for more info on their great products!


If you are a regular reader of The Nutritionista you would have seen Jacqueline Hursts fantastic guest article ‘Spotlight on Emotional Eating‘ . Now Jacqueline has recently launched The Life Class an online coaching course which upgrades your mind, improves your thought process and teaches you how to be one of the best Life Coaches possible. Sounds interesting right? So below we have a bit more information for you on what exactly The Life Class is and how it can change your life! Enjoy x

The Life Class is today’s most comprehensive, exciting and user friendly Life Coaching programme, allowing people to transform and enhance their own lives while seamlessly imparting all of the skills needed to be an excellent life coach.

It cleverly allows you to experience your own journey of self discovery and growth while giving you the best tools, techniques and training to be ready for clients and begin coaching in 8 weeks flat. It’s virtual and teaches techniques and methods which are revolutionary and results driven.

Expect this forward thinking course to transform your life by improving your emotional intelligence, seriously enhancing your ability to listen, boosting your confidence levels and giving you a greater understanding of yourself. After 8 weeks you will feel happier and enjoy renewed levels of contentment after learning effective tools and techniques during the course. Result? You will be a certified life coach who can confidently go on to help others live to their full potential.

“In order to become a great life coach its essential that you learn how to manage your own mind first in order to understand how to then help others do the same. Our unique process allows people to do this naturally. Throughout the process often people don’t even know they are being stretched but they begin to feel happier, more inspired, stronger within themselves and how they react to situations begins to change. The process itself, is life changing“ says Jacqueline.

The details? The Life Class offers a sharp, strategic syllabus which uses exceptional tools, techniques and concepts allowing you to truly understand what it means to be a life coach. You will gain knowledge, insider information, support and confidence. The Life Class prides itself on its high level of ‘expert’ support throughout the course and encourages students to communicate via the Community platform. The Life Class believes that sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences is integral to becoming a great coach.

During the course you will naturally begin to gain overall clarity and begin to understand your actions more fully, this gives you the ability to be in control of your actions and behavioural patterns as well as incorporating mind-management tools into your daily life. This process works to enhance confidence levels making the transition to coaching a natural next step. You will begin to learn how to confidently help people overcome their problems whatever they may be, whether its weight loss struggles, relationship difficulties, career changes or a niggling anxiety which they can’t shake themselves.

The process? You will be given a clear structure to follow throughout the course, information, practical knowledge and access to your fellow community of coaches to be. This is considered an important part of the programme as these are the relationships you will have while running your future practice. Each course module is easy to follow format with videos and comprehensive notes explaining and highlighting all of the tools and techniques that will be built on, week on week. There will also be a self development process which allows you to put what you have learnt into action.

So if you are passionate about helping others, are keen to boost your own life while learning the skills to be a professional coach and need to study around your other life commitments this could be the course for you. Sign up and prepare to work the hours you want to, change peoples lives and supercharge your own. This is all of your life lessons rolled into just 8 weeks.

For information on Jacqueline’s private practice visit


I was recently introduced to a fantastic little company called Potage which is a healthy food delivery service who pride themselves on their freshly prepared 100% organic pots of goodness delivered to your door.

Now as a busy working Londoner time is of the essence and eating healthy is a priority so a company like Potage is extremely appealing. I am lucky enough to be able to prepare my lunches most days however there are some days where this just isn’t possible and this is when a company like Potage comes to the rescue with their pots of tasty yet healthy meals and snacks. I love the idea of healthy food deliveries especially for those of us who are time poor, there seems to be an uprise in the amount of companies offering healthy food delivery services either to your door or you workplace which just takes all the hassle out of lunch prep and eating tasty nutritious meals.

Potage has a great daily menu to choose from, I mean its almost too good which makes choosing your food a pretty hard decision but in the end I went for the Roast Aubergine, Sweet Potato & Feta pot, a raw pot, a pesto pot and I will admit it I got the brownie too (everyone’s allowed to treat themselves once in a while!) and it was honestly all delicious, the Roast Aubergine, Sweet Potato & Feta pot was my favourite it tasted amazing. I got a lot of jealous looks in the office when I got my food delivered (hand delivered to me may I add by a lovely friendly young girl) I felt well and truly spoilt.

What’s great about companies like Potage is that it makes healthy eating seem less of a hassle/less daunting for people with extremely busy lives who just don’t have time to prep healthy lunches. Many people just don’t know where to start and just run to the nearest Pret or Tesco for a sandwich at lunch out of habit, but lunch doesn’t need to be boring which is where companies like Potage can help. And the food may I add is delicious and so fresh, so if your struggling to eat well, or just fancy a change from your usual lunches and are tempted by healthy fresh lunches delivered to your desk then give Potage a try 🙂