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Now I don’t know about you but I just love trying new styles of workouts out. That’s the joy of running The Nutritionista that I get to try out amazing new exercise classes and personal trainers……hard life right? Well someone has to review these places and let you guys know what fantastic workouts are out there! So talking of fantastic workouts say hello to The Viking Method. This particular workout and the amazing founder Svava are helping hands in creating Nicole Scherzingers fantastic body. Have you seen Nicole? She is RIDICULOUS, **girl crush alert**. So when I heard that Svava and her tough Viking methods were behind Nicoles bootay I made sure that I tried this workout for myself.

So above is a photo of me after my Viking Method workout, a few things about this picture. That is not Nicole I know I know its hard to tell the difference (wishes/prays). Unfortunately that is not the Schirzey that is just me, a very sweaty red faced me at that. I don’t think the photo actually shows exactly how much I was sweating but trust me it was dripping off. Not nice or pretty, but shows just how damn hard Svava worked me.

So I arrived for my workout with Svava, blissfully unaware that we were going to be training outside (it was a particularly cold rainy day). Thankfully it was taking place in the private gardens opposite the Jumeirah Carlton tower hotel in Knightsbridge. Could be worse places to train outdoors. Svava explained to me she particularly enjoyed training outdoors and how good it was for you. At first I was doubtful, but by the end I was converted and one extremely thankful person of the cold breeze and fresh air.

The workout itself was demanding, high intensity and forced me to push myself to the absolute limit. There was no holding back, or half hearted attempts at moves, no this is full on putting 100% in all or nothing kind of workout. The type that makes it difficult to breathe leaves you shaking and utterly worn out but feeling on top of the world, as you know you have just pushed yourself to the absolute max. That my friends is why The Viking Method is such a success. I mean the proof is in the pudding Svava is one hot instructor, if that doesn’t motivate you then I mean I don’t know what is. She is so toned and strong, exactly what I want my body to look like. If there was a poster girl for the strong not skinny campaign then Svava is your woman. I am girl crushing all over the place in this post haha!

So for the exercises themselves, we did boxing and kickboxing which I had never tried before and absolutely loved! There is something very satisfying about punching and kicking as much as you can, and I ached in places I had never ached before the following day. I truly believe that was the boxing, and from what I have seen boxing and kickboxing is a firm favourite with many of the Victoria Secret angels for a full body workout…..need I say more? There was also a fair amount of crawling, this wasn’t just any crawling this was as low to the ground you could get without touching the floor crawling, in slidey muddy conditions. I felt like spiderman, a spiderman whose whole body was being worked HARD. We then did a variety of full body moves like burpees, running as fast as you can with Svava holding onto my waist, so basically having to pull her along which is a great exercise if you have a gym buddy!

The Viking Method mixed functional training with HIT training , intervals you name it. The workout was fast paced and gruelling and I could totally see why it gets such great results I had never done a workout like it.

So I fell head over heels for the Viking way of training, so much so that Svava has actually put me together a workout plan for me to release my inner Viking when I am working out at my gym. I will let you know how it goes, I can tell you one thing for sure my body won’t know what’s hit it! I have also interviewed the amazing Svava so look out for the interview coming soon on The Nutritionista x

Check out The Viking Methods websitefacebooktwitter and instagram


Let me introduce you too Hollie Grant the founder of Pilates PT. Hollie is a STOTT trained pilates instructor, Sweaty Betty ambassador and the brains behind The Model Method. So what exactly is The Model Method? It’s an exercise routine which combines the weight loss effect of HIIT training, metabolism boosting effect of using weights and the stretching and lengthening effect of reformer Pilates. With such a great combination of exercise and results that speak for themselves The Model Method is fast becoming the workout to try.

So let me tell you now, The Model Method is HARD and Hollie pushes you to your absolute limit. The result, one hardcore super intense workout that leaves your body aching (trust me I struggled to walk the following day). But oh my what a workout, I felt longer, leaner and stronger after just one session. I love the combination of the reformer Pilates, weights and the high intensity workouts. I mean at the time when I was half way through my set of box burpees and feeling as though my body had given up and I had no physical energy left, not so much love. But these high intense sessions are complimented with reformer Pilates which lengthens and stretches out your muscles. Then before you know it you are back doing high intensity whether it is on the TRX or box jumps, plyometric exercises you name it, its hard and you will be sweating.

I love everything about this workout and the combination HIIT training, weights and reformer Pilates is just genius. The combination of these elements tones, lengthens and strengthens your whole body which is what everyone wants, a long lean toned physique. If that sounds appealing then pop in and see Hollie as she is lady for you.

Just to give you an idea of how hard you can push yourself with The Model Method, here are a few stats from my workout, which will probably explain why I was aching so much. Hollie got me wearing a nifty heart rate monitor and stats band which measured my heart rate and calories burnt during our session and here they are; 1hr10 minute session, 656 calories Average heart rate – 79% Max heart rate – 100%

Impressive right? Maximum heart rate 100%, go me!! Well and Hollie she should take the credit really for making me carry on with the burpees when I was ready to give up entirely. After thinking about this great workout and the equally great Hollie I have come to the conclusion that the other element which sets The Model Method apart is Hollie herself. She is the most lovely caring person, and I immediately felt completely comfortable in her presence, like I had know her for years. Whilst working out Hollie supports, guides and pushes you just enough. I think this is so important as you can have the best workout in the world but if the trainer isn’t kind, supportive and puts you at ease then your not going to get the best out of your workout are you? Hollie strikes that perfect balance of a really hardcore, intense workout which pushes you 100%. But all the while supporting and guiding you. And that is what I think makes this workout experience so special. I have included a few action shots from my session with Hollie for you guys to get a little taster into some of The Model Method exercises.
Thanks Hollie for introducing me to your fantastic workout! My aching muscles will thank you too soon enough 🙂 x

Check out Hollies Website for more details on The Model Method along with her Twitter and Facebook


Let me introduce you to my latest trainer addition, Nike Zooms! I am a little obsessed with them. In fact I am actually obsessed with trainers in general so its always amazing when I get to expand my collection. Especially when they look as good as these beauties.

So let me tell you how me and my new Nikes got introduced. Last week I went along to the Nike Zoom Fit Agility Launch event which consisted of a selection of bloggers and writers testing out our new Nike Zooms by taking part in a hardcore fitness class held by the wonderful Anya Lahiri. I interviewed Anya just the other week so to find a bit more about here check out the interview here. So this workout was insane, I am not joking when I say one of the hardest I have pushed myself in a long time, Anya is a machine!! I loved it though, I mean I was a hot, red sweaty mess by the time it had finished but so was everyone else and it was a great experience working out with such a fantastic group of girls!

So the real reason we were put through our paces was to try out the new Nike Zooms and see what we thought of them. So here we go. Firstly here is an overview of the trainer itself and why Nike say it will revolutionise your training. Heres what Nike say- The Nike Zoom Fit Agility Women’s Training Shoe has ultra-responsive cushioning for flexible impact protection designed specifically for gym workouts. The hexagonal Nike Zoom pods help to cushion your foot where you need it most, and the lightweight upper offers stability and extra support.

So I am sure you have noticed these pods, they are what I think make the trainer so striking! The Nike Zoom pods are designed to cushion your foot where it impacts the ground. I was talking to one of the lovely Nike ladies who informed me of an interesting fact, so the pods aren’t hexagonals for any old reason or because they just looked pretty. Nope the reason behind the hexagonal pods is that hexagons are actually natures strongest natural shape! I know, who knew! Well Nike obviously but you know. I was pretty impressed and busted that fact out to anyone who would listen…..feel free to do the same 🙂

Anyway after that summary of the trainers themselves, I can tell you now that they are great to work out in. I found that when I was performing many of the moves for example the mountain climbers (which were a killer) they gripped really well. Also any moves which included any jumps they were ideal, they have great spring and bounce thanks to the magical little pods. So all in all a great workout with a great pair of new trainers, the technology behind these little beauties means that moves like burpees, mountain runners, lunges, squat jumps  etc (basically all the moves which are disgustingly hard but have GREAT results) will be revolutionised. Yay for burpees……said no one ever lets be real. But these trainers with their pods will help make them that bit better!! You can buy them here x


Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines ……where do I start…firstly I have such serious body envy (you should see her abs). But not only does Kayla have a seriously incredible physique but she is also qualified personal trainer who really knows her stuff about nutrition and exercise. She has her own bikini body guides which are aimed to help get you in the best shape of your life. Kayla has a HUGE social following (check out her facebook here), I first found out about Kayla through instagram and with her combination of client transformations, bikini body workouts and healthy recipes and tips I knew I  just had to talk to her! Here Kayla shares with The Nutritionista her advice on how to get the ultimate bikini body as well as some videos of her working out….and if they don’t motivate you I don’t know what will x

Kayla Itsines for The Nutritionista;

When asked what style of workout I recommend I stand quite strongly beside the fact that no single style of resistance training or cardio is perfect. With my own training and the training of my clients I like to include various styles of exercise ranging from body weight, high resistance, plyometric, LISS (low intensity steady state) and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

It is good to have a range of exercise as it will provide you with a complete program. By incorporating multiple styles of training for women it is possible to streamline their results and get the end result sooner, easier and of course maintain it. I find maintenance is sometime the most difficult phase, so when creating a program it is good to make it sustainable.

This in mind however I would have to say I really enjoy training ab circuits. This has been my favourite muscle group and training style for a long time, probably almost since I started training. There is nothing better than the feeling of sore abs from your workout yesterday.

Kayla Itsines Abs

Workout frequency is heavily dependent on what your goals are. Of course you can understand, someone trying to lose weight will have different requirements to someone who is just maintaining. Typically, I find 3 days of resistance training per week to be enough for a broad range of people.

Its not all about exercise however, a healthy diet is fundamental to the longevity and consistency of an individuals results. Not only while going through the “weight loss” phase but also while maintaining their energy levels. As you start to get tired it is very easy to lose motivation so keeping energy high is very important. I have inserted an example day from my Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Guidelines below. I have just removed the food amounts/weights of course.

I recommend changing your foods regularly to get variety but make sure you try to maintain a consistent intake of calories, macornutrients and micronutrients.

Example Day

Breakfast: oats and berries


Low fat milk

WPI (whey protein powder – optional)

Berry mix


Snack: Peanut butter with celery & carrot


Lunch: Chicken and Salad wrap

Wholemeal wrap

Chicken breast

Low fat cheese

Fresh salad mix

Low fat dressing


Snack: fruit



Dinner: Beef Salad

Lean beef


Green vegetables

Olive oil

Low fat feta

I have listed above a daily meal plan. Aside this, sometimes snacks such as iced berry tea and dried fruit can be good alternatives and low calorie ways to fill your snacks. When it comes to maintaing a healthy balanced diet there are two basic problems that occur all the time. Firstly, people expect results after one workout. Of course, this is not going to happen and is very unrealistic. This sort of mindset only sets you up for failure and will quickly demotivate you. The next most frequent problem is consistency. Doing less work, more consistently will get better results than someone who exercises randomly, inconsistently and regularly varies training & eating patterns.

The goal of my bikini body guides is to bring confidence & health to women through exercise, healthy eating and lifestyle advice, in a motivating yet educational way. Whether this occurs through weight loss, increased muscle tone, fitness or even a change in mindset is irrelevant. Through science based information and user friendly planning I aim to bring the amazing confidence that coincides with a bikini body, to every woman that desires it. With these guides I aim to steer clear of the “fads” in the industry and try and also answer a few questions that are regularly asked. These include questions about carbohydrate intake, types of cardio and lifting weights to not get bulky. My book isn’t about promoting an unrealistic ideology and this alone separates it from many. I try to take an educational approach to helping women achieve confidence from within, and an improved healthy lifestyle. Of course, through this process the girls lose fat, tone up and love the results they see both inside and out. I don’t promote a fad. Everything I state in the book if it is scientific, is referenced where possible. I feel this adds a certain validity to the information that lacks in many other online products.

And finally my biggest tip is constancy. As I briefly talked about in the “common pitfalls” section of this article. Set a realistic goal that can be obtained with a realistic lifestyle. Stick to that and you won’t go through the ups and downs. People who start to full on or go to hard too early, always end up off the rails eventually but usually further backward from where they started.