Hi and welcome to the Nutritionista,

Firstly a little overview of me and who I am. I am 22, working and living in central London. I am self confessed foodie who loves going to the gym, well exercising in general actually whether it be lifting weights in a pump class, running outdoors, spinning, and my new fitness goal is to start up Ballet again after many years so stay tuned. For me health, fitness and nutrition became a huge part of my life about three years ago I decided to cut out Dairy and introduce more organic, less processed food into my diet and exercise regularly and the difference it has made to my hair, skin, energy levels and body has been life changing and I haven’t looked back since. I am continuously reading up on the latest “super foods” and nutritional advice. Once I graduated from university and had successfully converted all my housemates into quinoa loving green smoothie drinking gym bunnies, I decided that maybe health and nutrition was something I wanted to learn more about.

So I decided to do something about it….I enrolled in a evening course at the CNM (the college of Naturopathic medicine) the course was Nutrition for Everyday Living taught by the immensely talented and inspiring Zoe Palmer-Wright. The journey doesn’t end there, it was just the beginning I am continuously reading to supplement what I learnt in this course, I am looking into other courses including raw food and personal training courses, so exciting times! I have also been given the amazing opportunity to be part of a panel of food industry experts and discuss food trends which has been a great experience. I learn so much on these panels and its great to sit alongside industry experts with years of experience and share my thoughts and views.

So this blog The Nutritionista is my journey as a young career woman in Central London, working in media with a passion for exercise, nutrition and well-being. One of my aims is to help young working girls like myself make the right food choices and guide those who are confused as to how they can be healthy whilst working. I am also going to be going to and reviewing the best healthy foodie hangouts, stylish gym wear, the best new exercise classes in London and hoping to give useful nutritional advice. I am hoping that through The Nutritionista I can share what knowledge I do have, and the journey I am on to discover more, my recipes and what inspires me daily to keep on the path of health and fitness x

Contact : thenutritionistalondon@gmail.com