The other weekend I went for brunch (I say brunch I ate cake, my bad) at Tanyas, now if you haven’t heard of Tanya’s then you need to check it out! So Tanya’s is a raw cafe in Chelsea which is everywhere at the moment, its doing so well. I am a big instagrammer (check out my account here) and I had been noticing pictures of the most beautiful looking raw dishes popping up, and after a bit of research I discovered that the source of these wonderful dishes was Tanyas. So I made it my mission to go along.

So I meet a couple of girls at tanya’s and got me some raw dessert….for brunch, naturally. Now I love raw dessert, in fact its my favourite thing ever. I love nothing more than whipping up a good raw dessert at the weekend and having some guilt free indulgence. I am getting quite distracted dreaming about raw desserts over here. Back to Tanya’s, so I ordered a My Alkaliser which is a green juice made with kale, spinach, lemon apple and cucumber which was delicious! Then after almost an hour of deliberating, I kid you not we looked at the menu and debated for an hour thats how good the menu is. We decided to share a few slices of raw cake because they looked too good to not try. We decided on the key lime cake, and the blueberry cheesecake with a little chocolate raw dessert truffle number. They were divine, I mean crazily good. I would of happily seen off a few slices to myself, luckily I was sharing and was forced to have restraint.

Now although these cakes were heavenly I have never seen such a fantastic menu, I really need to get myself back there. It all looked amazing the breakfast, the lunches, the snacks, everything. And of course its all raw, but that doesn’t mean compromised on taste, not in the slightest if those cakes were anything to go by.

Tanya’s you stole my heart, you made me eat cake for breakfast. I will be back, and I will try and choose something to eat in less than an hour. But I can’t promise anything x

P.S they now do a christmas menu….a raw christmas menu, it sounds amazing!!

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