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Rosemary Ferguson is one interesting lady, with a background as a high flying model, Rosemary is now a trained nutritionist with a passion for healthy living. My kind of woman! Which is why I was so keen to chat to Rosemary and interview her for The Nutritionista. And so here is it, Rosemary sheds some light on her busy schedule, what inspired her to study nutrition, her favourite recipes, some cooking tricks and much much more for The Nutritionista. I hope you enjoy finding out about this inspiring lady as much as I did 🙂

1. How did your journey into health and nutrition evolve?

I have always enjoyed feeling good and I have always been interested in how foods can help you to achieve that feeling of well-being. This lead me through all sorts of different ways of eating from juicing, to raw food and  super powders.

2. What inspired you to study nutrition?

When I decided I wanted to work in this field I thought I had better learn the science and really understand the effect food have on our bodies and that is when I went back to college.

3. How did your time as a model help shape your views towards health and nutrition?

Travel helps, you see so many different places and try all sorts of cuisines. Because you are working with a quite health conscious crowd there is a lot of chat about beauty products, and the latest food fads. It was great for me and I could try out all the new things that were going on, I remember buying my first juicer and being amazed by it…. that was many years ago now! X

4.What’s the best thing about your job?

When you  help someone get back to full health and vitality, I feel grateful to be a part of that, it is so amazing and super satisfying. Also people are really interested in nutrition now, so I love talking to people and hearing their thoughts too.

5.What do you aim to offer through your consultations?

I try to get to the root of the problem, the symptoms that a person come in with may be a sign of a problem that goes a lot deeper. It should be team work, so I try to explain to my clients what is going on, why I think they should increase some foods, or take a certain supplement…. Knowledge is power, and if you can give your client an understanding of the processes in the body, people are more likely to make changes and stick to them!

6. What’s your favourite recipe (s)?

I don’t know, I go through phases, I like mung dahl with coriander seeds, cumin, turmeric. I also love simple avocado and garlic on toast .

7. What’s a typical day in the life of  Rosemary Ferguson?

Oh a right mish mash, of kids, a bit of exercise, probably quite a lot of time in the car, clients, meetings with a bit of social thrown in for good measure .

Every day is pretty busy, I get up at 6.45 do the school run at 7.45, ride at 8 then see clients and do my meetings (either in London or Gloucestershire). The days when I don’t work I love having time to potter in the kitchen and I love I getting cosy with my girls in the evening,or seeing my mates….

8. How would you describe your approach to living a healthy lifestyle?

Not obsessed, balanced, a bit of everything is great. I find if I am too extreme about health foods and too controlling about ‘being good’ I end up going mad, so just keep a good balance, I think you can make little changes and see big effects. I like to feel well so I treat my body with respect most of the time…. and when I don’t I give it a hand to get back in balance!

9. Do you have any cooking tips and tricks?

It’s just little things like be prepared, have healthy snacks with you so that you don’t eat rubbish. Don’t starve yourself, that is a sure fire way to end up eating a burger and chips. Make each food or drink decision the most nutrient dense it can be… add seeds to a salad, have a herbal tea instead of a coffee, have a salad instead of chips, rye bread instead of wheat, brown rice pasta instead of white pasta, snack on fruit and raw veg instead of crisps. By doing these sorts of things you will be amazed at how much it can help.

10. What do you usually eat in a day?

Now there’s a question…. ! I start most days with a metabolic shake which has Metagenics ultra clear, spirulina, maca, a probiotic powder, some milk thistle and some red clover in it. Then I have porridge or a boiled egg or avocado on rye toast, for lunch a substantial salad with pomegranate seeds, hummus, carrot, beetroot, something like that. For dinner a bean or lentil stew or a squash risottos are hitting the spot at the moment. I do eat meat but my husband and 2 out  of 3 of my children don’t so I don’t cook it very much, but I do love a roast at this time of year, with lots of fresh green veg and cooked with coconut oil.

11. What are your favourite healthy eating spots in London?

I am a big fan of the good life eatery and Tanya’s, I also like the Juice Well, or there is a lovely company called Potage that will deliver to you if you order before 11.30in the morning!

12. Do you have an exercise regime?

It changes all the time, I like doing different things to keep it interesting. I ride 3 times a week if I can ( I am a bit fair weather!), I try to run twice a week and I do a metabolic exercise class in the village hall which is hilarious, I usually try to do some yoga, but time seems short at the moment so i haven’t  for a while!

13. Do you have any advice for young career women who want to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Batch cook and freeze in lunch size portions, then you can eat well at work! And it is cheap. Take 5 pieces of fruit to snack on, 5 may sound a lot but of you are a picker you will probably get through that amount in a day!

Check out Rosemarys website here-

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So I have decided that it is about time I added ‘Product of The Week’ element to The Nutritionista, there are so many amazing health products out there many of which I love a lot. So therefore I have decided that every week/every two weeks I am going to try and put up a product of the week review which will showcase a few brands I really like. I would never feature something on The Nutritionista which I didn’t think was a great product, so you can believe me when I say these are truly are my products of the week, this is the same with book reviews. I post reviews of cookbooks I love, simples 🙂

So getting the ball rolling with this weeks product of the week and that is the Moringa superfood powder from Aduna, I have got both the Baobab and the Moringa powder and both of which are great additions to my cupboard but this post is going to really focus on the Moringa powder. Now if any of you guys follow me on Instagram and Twitter you will see my serious love for a green juice or smoothie. You can check out one of my favourite green smoothie bowls here. When I received the Moringa powder I knew straight away this was going to be going to be put into a green smoothie concoction. So firstly let me tell you a bit about Moringa and why its so damn good for you.

Adunas Moringa powder is a superleaf powder  which is a 100% organic raw superfood produced from the naturally dried leaf of the moringa tree. A few key benefits are that it’s high in plant protein which is ideal for vegetarians and vegans alike as a great source of protein. It is also rich in iron and is packed full essential vitamins and minerals. All in all a pretty nifty little superfood powder right there.

Now I know that the idea of drinking something green can be a bit daunting sometimes for those who aren’t avid green juice drinkers. And let’s face it sometimes green juices/powders can be a bit overbearing in taste (pondwater anyone?). However you will be relieved to know that Moringa doesn’t have that overpowering ‘green’ taste which is oh so common with green powders. Instead it has a fairly pleasant spinachy taste to it, which when mixed into a smoothie tastes really nice! Yay celebrations all round for a green powder which is packed full of nutrients and protein which isn’t so green you have to pinch your nose to drink it. Moringa, me and you are going to be friends.

Now I know I said I would make a green smoothie concoction with the Moringa powder and thats exactly what I did, I made a ridiculously delicious green smoothie bowl, and not just any green smoothie bowl may I add, a ‘mint chocolate’ one. How festive right? Shows that green smoothies can be seasonal. For the full recipe and pictures click here.

Check out Aduna’s WebsiteTwitter and Instagram for more info on their great products!


In my last post (see it here) where I reviewed Aduna World’s Moringa powder, I mentioned that with this great ‘beauty boosting’ green powder I whipped together an equally great green smoothie recipe. Here it is in all its glory, a festive themed mint chocolate green smoothie bowl. Now I am a great believer that if you like something foodwise it shouldn’t be seasonal, some people are very stuck in smoothies are just for summer, and porridge is for winter. Now don’t get me wrong I love a big bowl of warming porridge on a cold morning. But sometimes I just don’t fancy porridge, and on those days I normally have some kind of eggs or a green smoothie. So here I have created a smoothie bowl which combines a few of my favourite flavours, mint and chocolate. Mint chocolate always makes me think of christmas, I think its the after eights? Anyway here is the recipe for my festive themed mint chocolate smoothie bowl 🙂


  • 1 avocado
  • 1 banana
  • 1 scoop of green powder (I used Moringa powder)
  • 1 tbsp of yoghurt (I use coyo)
  • a splash of almond milk depending on how thick you like the smoothie
  • 1or 2 big handfuls of spinach
  • 1 small celery stick sliced
  • a few fresh mint leaves and extra for decoration
  • 1 tsp of raw cacao powder
  • Optional sprinkle of raw cacao nibs for that extra crunch


  • Simply blend all ingredients apart from the spare mint and the raw cacao
  • Once a think creamy mixture has formed dust the top with raw cacao powder or nibs then the mint leaves
  • Enjoy x


If you are a regular reader of The Nutritionista you would have seen Jacqueline Hursts fantastic guest article ‘Spotlight on Emotional Eating‘ . Now Jacqueline has recently launched The Life Class an online coaching course which upgrades your mind, improves your thought process and teaches you how to be one of the best Life Coaches possible. Sounds interesting right? So below we have a bit more information for you on what exactly The Life Class is and how it can change your life! Enjoy x

The Life Class is today’s most comprehensive, exciting and user friendly Life Coaching programme, allowing people to transform and enhance their own lives while seamlessly imparting all of the skills needed to be an excellent life coach.

It cleverly allows you to experience your own journey of self discovery and growth while giving you the best tools, techniques and training to be ready for clients and begin coaching in 8 weeks flat. It’s virtual and teaches techniques and methods which are revolutionary and results driven.

Expect this forward thinking course to transform your life by improving your emotional intelligence, seriously enhancing your ability to listen, boosting your confidence levels and giving you a greater understanding of yourself. After 8 weeks you will feel happier and enjoy renewed levels of contentment after learning effective tools and techniques during the course. Result? You will be a certified life coach who can confidently go on to help others live to their full potential.

“In order to become a great life coach its essential that you learn how to manage your own mind first in order to understand how to then help others do the same. Our unique process allows people to do this naturally. Throughout the process often people don’t even know they are being stretched but they begin to feel happier, more inspired, stronger within themselves and how they react to situations begins to change. The process itself, is life changing“ says Jacqueline.

The details? The Life Class offers a sharp, strategic syllabus which uses exceptional tools, techniques and concepts allowing you to truly understand what it means to be a life coach. You will gain knowledge, insider information, support and confidence. The Life Class prides itself on its high level of ‘expert’ support throughout the course and encourages students to communicate via the Community platform. The Life Class believes that sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences is integral to becoming a great coach.

During the course you will naturally begin to gain overall clarity and begin to understand your actions more fully, this gives you the ability to be in control of your actions and behavioural patterns as well as incorporating mind-management tools into your daily life. This process works to enhance confidence levels making the transition to coaching a natural next step. You will begin to learn how to confidently help people overcome their problems whatever they may be, whether its weight loss struggles, relationship difficulties, career changes or a niggling anxiety which they can’t shake themselves.

The process? You will be given a clear structure to follow throughout the course, information, practical knowledge and access to your fellow community of coaches to be. This is considered an important part of the programme as these are the relationships you will have while running your future practice. Each course module is easy to follow format with videos and comprehensive notes explaining and highlighting all of the tools and techniques that will be built on, week on week. There will also be a self development process which allows you to put what you have learnt into action.

So if you are passionate about helping others, are keen to boost your own life while learning the skills to be a professional coach and need to study around your other life commitments this could be the course for you. Sign up and prepare to work the hours you want to, change peoples lives and supercharge your own. This is all of your life lessons rolled into just 8 weeks.

For information on Jacqueline’s private practice visit


I’m starting to feel festive…there I said it! Yes I realise its November and I am sure many people will be outraged but I can’t help it I am already excited for Christmas. I feel as though this early festive feeling may be to do with the endless christmas adverts on TV! I mean have you seen John Lewis latest Christmas advert with Monty the penguin? I challenge you not to feel all warm and fuzzy after watching that advert. So yes now I have got that off my chest I can introduce you to my latest recipe, as you can see my festive feelings have rubbed off onto my recipes already. What’s more festive that chocolate orange? Its like a staple right, so much so that I have combined these flavours with one of my favourite things, breakfast! So here is my chocolate orange porridge recipe which is just delightful for these chilly mornings. I hope you enjoy x


  • Gluten Free Porridge Oats- I usually use approximately 1- 1 1/2cups full of oats for my porridge but this is down to preference and how hungry you are! Also Quinoa flakes work well for Porridge too
  • Almond milk – I love the creamy consistency almond gives to my porridge but coconut milk, rice milk, soya milk etc still works great
  • 1 tsp of raw cacao powder
  • Optional- flaxseed, chia seeds- I often add a tsp of each too my porridge for extra flavour and added nutritional value
  • A few slices of orange- I tend to go for the large oranges for this as they slice better
  • Juice of an orange
  • 1 tsp of raw honey or maple syrup drizzled over the top again down to your personal preference


  • Simply mix together the porridge ingredients and cook in a pan over a hob until a thick creamy texture is formed (add more almond milk if you want a runnier consistency, the same with the cacao powder)
  • Once the porridge has reached a thick creamy consistency place in a bowl squeeze in a dash of fresh orange juice and allow to cool for a minute or so. This allows the orange juice to infuse the porridge slightly as it cools
  • Then drizzle the honey or maple syrup over the top
  • Place the sliced oranges on top and enjoy this chocolatey orange taste sensation 🙂


Ohh the joys of breakfast, I just can’t explain my love for it, its rather all consuming I mean I even go to bed looking forward to eating breakfast the next morning. Is that normal? Anyway when I express my love for breakfast I am also including brunch in this, obvs.

So what better place to tell you about when I am declaring my love for breakfast and brunch than The Ham Yard hotel, which I recently found does an exquisite brunch. Now I am a slight creature of habit (I blame my Dad for this) but when I find somewhere I like to eat I tend to go back there again and again. Which is what I have been doing with breakfast as of late. If ever I have a breakfast meeting or a friend suggests breakfast my first reaction is always the Soho Hotel, which is a firm favourite (read my review here). So I decided in the last couple of weeks to venture out more and try new places, if you follow my instagram you will of seen all these new breakfast adventures. I mean I still order the same thing most breakfasts but you know baby steps and all that, and plus whats not to love about smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and avocado. Its perfection on a plate!

So on one very adventurous Sunday I decided to take a trip to The Ham Yard hotel, which is owned by the same family as the Soho Hotel which is the Firmdale hotel group. Its based right by Piccadilly Circus so pretty easy to get too! The decoration in this hotel was amazing, I loved it. I am a sucker for good decor, so I was pleased from word go.

So I decided to go crazy and order eggs benedict, I know no salmon!! But it was a great choice, I am not normally a big fan of hollandaise sauce but the sauce was very light but creamy so got a thumbs up from me. Also the ham was so thickly cut I was in ham heaven…..ham heaven at the Ham Yard….oh aren’t I funny, mega lolz and all that. So yes we established the ham was great, and the muffins were excellent too definitely freshly baked which I appreciated immensely. I ordered a pineapple, orange ginger juice to start which was nice, not my normal green but you know breaking all the rules. I did stick with an almond milk cappuccino to go with my brunch which was very tasty, I love almond milk in my coffee and it makes me so happy that more and more places are offering it on the menu!

So if your ever around central London on the weekend and fancy breakfast or brunch in a beautiful hotel, The Ham Yard is the one. Or the Soho Hotel, either or I can’t decide which I prefer they both do delicious food. And thats what really matters right? x


This week is a bit of a Tess Ward week on The Nutritionista! You may have read my interview with Tess up on The Nutritionista yesterday (read it here), I love Tess and I mentioned how much I loved her recipes in the interview-check out her website for more recipes here. So guess what, here is a guest recipe from Tess herself for The Nutritionista for the most delicious Piri Piri chicken wings, enjoy x

Tess Ward Guest Recipe

In the last few weeks I have had quite a lot of quizzical looks from lovely, but misled people assuming healthy food comes only in the form of sprouted, soaked and raw. Basically anything rabbit food tasting. Lets just get one thing straight. Healthy food does not mean salad, being strictly vegetarian or eating flavourless meals.
If you like finger linking food, don’t feel you have to give it up. Eating well is all about balance. The best way to feel satisfied and happy with your daily meals is to make a more virtuous versions of the dishes you really like. In my family piri piri wings are just that. Sticky saucy and dum-dinkerlingly good. Just look at these organic beauties… need I say more.

Serves 2 lucky cowboys
• 6 Chicken Wings, organic or free range
• 1/2 tsp oregano
• 1/2 tsp paprika
• 2 cloves garlic
• 4 tbs good quality piri piri sauce
• 2 tbs chopped coriander
• 2 finely chopped spring onions
• salt and pepper


Add all the ingredients, apart from the chicken wings, to a food processor. Blitz to combine. Alternately finely chop herbs by hand and combine the marinade ingredients together in a large bowl

Cover chicken and marinade for 6-12 hrs, overnight is best. – If you are feeling lazy 20 mins will do.

Cook the chicken wings in a hot griddle pan or on a hot barbecue for 7-8 minutes each side or until thoroughly cooked and golden brown.

Serve with fresh coriander and garlic sour cream dipping sauce

Sour Cream Sauce
• 3 tbs soured cream
• 1 tbs organic mayonnaise
• 1 garlic clove, mashed into a pulp
• lemon juice, to taste
• Salt and pepper

Mix the sour cream sauce ingredients in a bowl and serve alongside the chicken


LabOrganic is one of my favourite juice bars in London, I recently gave them a glowing write up (read it here) not only that but they are London’s first organic juice bar and store. The lovely founders of LabOrganic have been so kind to write a guest article for The Nutritionista which outlines five reasons to go Organic. I hope you enjoy x

We all know that consuming more fruit and vegetables is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. However, could those “healthy” fruits and vegetables be causing more harm than good?

What is Organic?

With a booming world population, farmers are having to increase their volumes without huge increases in cost. In order to do this, many farms use highly toxic pesticides and fertilisers.

In order to be certified by the Soil Association as “organic”, farmers must develop fertile soil by applying crop rotation and using only natural fertilisers such as compost, manure and clover – a return to more traditional farming methods. Also all genetically modified crops are banned, meaning organic fruit and veg is the real deal (nutrient-dense!) rather than the product of some scientific experiment. Below are our top five reasons to go organic!
Five Reasons to Go Organic

  1. It Tastes Better- Once you go organic, it will be hard to go back. Organic produce from small farms tastes like food – no condiments needed. Fruit is sweeter and juicer and vegetables have real flavour. And because it tastes so good, you savour it, meaning you probably won’t eat as much. Remember that old adage “quality over quantity”?
  2. Your Health- Despite little firm evidence linking serious illness to consuming non-organic produce, it is a no-brainer that organic, non-genetically modified produce, is going to be more nutrient-dense and better for your health than non-organic foods. Unfortunately, it is likely that non-organic produce (especially those with thin skins such as tomatoes and apples) absorbs at least some of the nasty toxins from fertilisers and pesticides. Although currently there is a lot of debate over whether or not food produced organically is really better for health, we think it is better to err on the side of caution.
  3. The Environment- Large scale farming which uses synthetic, chemical-infused fertilisers and pesticides causes enormous pollution to the soil, air, waterways and the environment in general. Unlike industrial farms, organic farms work with nature rather than against it, actively encouraging the natural wildlife to be part of the process. In short, if you want to go green, go organic.
  4. Wildlife- One major knock-on effect of the less-than-green methods of farming, are that animals’ natural habitats are being destroyed. Large farms will take over huge areas of land, poisoning the soil from which birds and animals feed as well as the nearby waterways in which our fish live. The result is that animals are unable to survive. One notable example of this is the bee with several species being particularly endangered (see The Bumble Bee Conservation Trust website). Organic farmers, on the other hand, maintain the hedgerows, meadows, ponds and other habitats on which local wildlife depends – long live our bees!
  5. Farmers-Today organic farmers are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with conventional farmers as organic produce takes more time and care to grow. In order to survive, many farmers are forced to move away from smaller-scale, organic farming as large buyers squeeze their margin. Organic farming plays a crucial role in maintaining our beautiful world and without people who really care about “going organic”, these farmers could well disappear.

We do understand that “going organic” can be costly and not easy for everyone. But even if you can’t go completely organic, it is worth splashing out a little more on certain foods. Thankfully The Environmental Working Group has come up with two lists – the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen – which set out foods which are produced with the most and least pesticides respectively (click here to read the full lists). As you can see going organic (even a little) is important and means far more than a fancy food label!
Lab Organic, is a juice bar and café based in Covent Garden. Everything we make is fresh, organic and sold in either compostable or 100% recycable packaging. Sustainability is fundamental to our business and we want to raise awareness about organic food, farming and environmental conservation. We are open from 8am to 7.30pm – pop in and see us for an organic green juice!