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Coconut oil is one of my ‘couldn’t live without products’ I use it for everything in my Nutritionista recipes, as a facemask, moisturiser, hair masks. You name it and coconut oil probably can be used for it, see my article on the many wonders of coconut oil here. Now one of my favourite coconut oil brands is Lucy Bee, my cupboard is rarely seen without a Lucy Bee jar in it! So I decided to ask Lucy the founder of Lucy Bee Coconut oil to share with The Nutritionista the benefits of raw coconut oil. To give you a bit of background on the wonderful Lucy she is a 23 year old, CIBTAC qualified beauty therapist with a love of healthy living including eating foods close to nature and exercise. Diagnosed as a coeliac at a young age, eating a well-balanced, healthy diet has always been important and has been the driving force behind Lucy Bee. I hope you enjoy what she has to say x

The Benefits of Raw Coconut Oil
First things first, not all coconut oils are equal. So, it’s important to know that here I’m talking about coconut oil as close to nature as possible. Raw, unrefined, organic, cold pressed and our very own Lucy Bee is Fair Trade, too, meaning that the producer community also benefit – a case of ALL the boxes being ticked!
So where to start on the wonderful benefits of raw coconut oil. As a totally natural product, that is additive free, it makes for a healthy oil in all cooking plus a simple and effective beauty product, so you really can enjoy its benefits from the inside, out:

Boosts Metabolism
We need fat for fuel, so it’s really important to eat the right kind….coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA), which means this saturated fat is immediately converted to energy by the liver, to boost metabolism. Why is this important? Well, quite simply, this has a ‘knock-on’ effect making each organ and cell work more efficiently.

Aids Weight Loss
With your body working more efficiently and those calories being used for energy, raw coconut oil is the fat that may help you get thin! Obviously the key is balance, so use it as part of a balanced diet of organic, natural foods and be sure to include exercise into your daily routine too.
Aids Digestion and Nutrient Absorption
MCFAs are digested and absorbed quickly, with minimal effort and the pancreas and gall bladder do not need to release enzymes to break them into smaller units.

Post Workout Muscle Recovery

Lucy Bee raw coconut oil is favoured by many athletes and body builders because it replenishes Intra Muscular Fatty Acid (IMFA) stores. These are really important for building and providing energy for muscles.

Fuel for the Brain

You may have already read in the Press about coconut oil helping people with Alzheimer’s. Well, the reason is that the liver converts Lucy Bee into ketones which are an alternative fuel for the brain.

Antimicrobial Properties
Raw coconut oil like Lucy Bee, is predominantly made up of lauric acid, which has antimicrobial properties. Nature’s own medicine!
• antibacterial – the perfect oil for oil pulling, good to use on acne prone skin.
• anti inflammatory – to ease inflammation
• anti fungal – perfect for fighting candida

Totally natural
With absolutely no additives or preservatives, Lucy Bee truly is a totally natural coconut oil. It is gluten and lactose free, contains no cholesterol and is suitable for the Alkaline and Paleo diets.
It’s this point about being totally natural that makes Lucy Bee a wonderful beauty product,too.

You really don’t need to spend a fortune on face and body creams with a list of ingredients that you struggle to even pronounce! Unrefined, organic coconut oil contains vitamin E which gently nourishes and moisturises your skin, leaving it hydrated and soft. A little goes a long way so the trick is to use the smallest amount and add extra if you think you need it.

Yes really! It makes for scary reading when you consider the effects on your body of some ingredients in your deodorant so why not ‘be on the safe side’ and use totally natural Lucy Bee?

Make-up Remover
This is definitely one of my all-time favourite beauty tips! I love it – love the fact that I’m using something natural, love how easy and effective it is, love how soft my skin feels from it and I love that it helps strengthen my eyelashes at the same time!

Hair conditioner
Our hair can really take a ‘pounding’ with colouring, salt water from the sea, hair dryers etc. so it’s good to give it some ‘TLC’. Here’s where Lucy Bee can work wonders.
I use it as a hair mask to allow it time to penetrate the hair follicles, which may help hair growth (obviously not a cure for baldness!). It also leaves your hair with an incredible shine worthy of any fashion magazine ad!

Who’d have thought that this one little jar could have so many benefits? If you’d like a full lowdown on my amazing coconut oil, please check out the Lucy Bee Definitive Guide
Lucy X


I was recently introduced to a fantastic little company called Potage which is a healthy food delivery service who pride themselves on their freshly prepared 100% organic pots of goodness delivered to your door.

Now as a busy working Londoner time is of the essence and eating healthy is a priority so a company like Potage is extremely appealing. I am lucky enough to be able to prepare my lunches most days however there are some days where this just isn’t possible and this is when a company like Potage comes to the rescue with their pots of tasty yet healthy meals and snacks. I love the idea of healthy food deliveries especially for those of us who are time poor, there seems to be an uprise in the amount of companies offering healthy food delivery services either to your door or you workplace which just takes all the hassle out of lunch prep and eating tasty nutritious meals.

Potage has a great daily menu to choose from, I mean its almost too good which makes choosing your food a pretty hard decision but in the end I went for the Roast Aubergine, Sweet Potato & Feta pot, a raw pot, a pesto pot and I will admit it I got the brownie too (everyone’s allowed to treat themselves once in a while!) and it was honestly all delicious, the Roast Aubergine, Sweet Potato & Feta pot was my favourite it tasted amazing. I got a lot of jealous looks in the office when I got my food delivered (hand delivered to me may I add by a lovely friendly young girl) I felt well and truly spoilt.

What’s great about companies like Potage is that it makes healthy eating seem less of a hassle/less daunting for people with extremely busy lives who just don’t have time to prep healthy lunches. Many people just don’t know where to start and just run to the nearest Pret or Tesco for a sandwich at lunch out of habit, but lunch doesn’t need to be boring which is where companies like Potage can help. And the food may I add is delicious and so fresh, so if your struggling to eat well, or just fancy a change from your usual lunches and are tempted by healthy fresh lunches delivered to your desk then give Potage a try 🙂